How to Use The Four Year Career®

Learn how to use this powerful little book to turn your skeptics into believers. Filmed live during the "Success Leaves Clues" webinar.

Peter Arnold
over 3 years agoMarch 29, 2019
Richard - your Webinar (with the 11 SuperStars) was SO impactful - THANK YOU!

And THANK YOU for "separating" your last part (How to USE this great book) into a video by itself!

QUESTION - Will this latest version (11th edition) be made available on Amazon, in Kindle format?

I greatly appreciate YOU!

Sincerely / Peter A.

Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC, CNM / PEI, Canada
Bev and Terry McClendon
over 3 years agoMarch 31, 2019
Your webinar "Success Leaves Clues" with the 11 super heroes was compelling.  I took away several pages of notes and valuable nuggets.  We are very appreciative to each of the speakers and to you for sharing your valuable time with us.

ALSO, Thank you for "separating" the How to Use the Four Year Career into a video by itself.  We've listened to every video we can find and this one was THE BEST ever!!!  Terry and I will be accepting the challenge to get 10 Four Year Career books into interested people's hands to "just take a look" every month.

 The bundle offer was perfectly timed!  The split bundle (yes, Kimmy, we love your book, too) allowed us to ramp up for our RUN!!


Bev and Terry McClendon

Midwest City, Oklahoma
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