Why Young Living w/ James Lawrence

Dawn Dykman
6 months agoJanuary 20, 2021
An amazing man and story. And he is about to do more!!!
Joyce Hensley
6 months agoJanuary 21, 2021
He is an extraordinary man who inspires!
Deborah Housen
6 months agoJanuary 22, 2021
Truly inspirational and uplifting testimonial of a superb athlete. James' drive and dedication is extraordinary. His devotion to staying healthy, and raising his five children to utilize YL oils and the natural supplements, was encouraging and motivational. I'm pumped!
6 months agoJanuary 27, 2021
Wow this is amazing and inspiring! Do little things consistently, I love it! And we do have a major advantage of not needing heels or a suit to do the biz, we can be in sweats online and reaching people:)
Malory Stickles
6 months agoJanuary 31, 2021
Awesome! Very inspiring!
Shirley Fugate
5 months agoFebruary 16, 2021
Wow James is an inspiration!
Luana Navarro
5 months agoFebruary 18, 2021
Inspirational.  Thank you!
5 months agoFebruary 20, 2021
very assume amazing story:)
4 months agoMarch 23, 2021
Wow what dedication
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